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Welcome to the website of the Numerical Cognition Laboratory. Our lab is housed within the Department of Psychology at The University of Western Ontario. The focus of our research is on gaining a better understanding of how children develop numerical and mathematical competencies, why some children fail to acquire basic calculation skills (Developmental Dyscalculia) as well as what brain circuits are associated with the processing of number and our ability to calculate. One of the central aims of our research is to better understand how basic numerical competencies, that we share with other species, become transformed through the processes of development and enculturation.

The Numerical Cognition Laboratory is directed by Dr. Daniel Ansari and consists of graduate students from the Graduate Programs in Psychology, Neuroscience and Education, postdoctoral fellows as well as undergraduate honors thesis students and research assistants. At Western, we are part of The Brain and Mind Institute and collaborate with colleagues in the Faculty of Education and the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. We also have many national and international collaborations.